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Taiwan promotes climate pledges in video as COP27 opens

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Taiwan earnest about being carbon free by 2050 and lays out multiple initiatives

TAIPEI — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Monday (Nov. 7) released a video touting Taiwan’s commitment to tackling climate woes as the COP27 U.N. Climate Summit takes place Nov. 6-18.

Titled “Pathway to Net-Zero,” the three-minute video features a group of youths dancing against various backdrops, from urban settings to scenic spots. It is intended to reflect the yearning of the younger generations for a low-carbon and sustainable future.

According to MOFA, scenes that appear in the video include Taipei 101, a visitor center at Sun Moon Lake, Yushan National Park, Xitou Nature Education Area, and Fudekeng Environmental Restoration Park.

The film also lays out the targets Taiwan has set to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. It seeks to phase out coal-fired power plants from 2025, push for new cars and scooters to go electric by 2040, and achieve near-zero emissions by 2050 for new buildings.

While Taiwan was not allowed to participate in the U.N. summit officially, the country will be represented by NGOs attending COP27 sessions. The video hopes to relay the message that Taiwan has endeavored and will continue to invest in efforts to cut greenhouse gases, as a responsible global actor, said MOFA.


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