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Empowerment of Muslim Women Necessary to Wipeout Islamic Extremism

In all muslim countries including   the countries in middle east  region , women suffer due to  several acts of suppression  in different form, and such conditions obviously imply that Islamic extremists do not recognize women as  equal children of God as the men are. In Sri Lanka efforts are underway to prevent the radicalization.

New Dehli. (44.44- 16/11). The decision of the Taliban government in Afghanistan (A government under the control of Islamic extremists) not to permit women’s cricket  team  in Afghanistan clearly show how backward, oppressive and uncivilized  the Islamic extremists are.   Immediately after Taliban took over the Afghan government by force, there were some protests from muslim women in Afghanistan, who were enjoying reasonable level of freedom in Afghanistan before take over by Taliban.  This  clearly indicate how the women in Afghanistan are unhappy and highly concerned about their forcibly reduced status in the country  by the Taliban government. After some initial protest, the protesting women  were suppressed ruthlessly and silenced by the  Taliban  government.

In all muslim countries including   the countries in middle east  region , women suffer due to  several acts of suppression  in different form, and such conditions obviously imply that Islamic extremists do not recognize women as  equal children of God as the men are.

In western countries , muslim women enjoy  reasonable level of freedom and of late even in these countries too , women  are living constantly fearing the eagle eye of Islamic extremists. This applies for Muslim woman in Sri Lanka.

The country on the top of the 2020 Lonely Planet travel list is facing a domestic crisis which is exploited by external actors, a government spokesperson said.

It is important to engage these fringe communities at all levels of government and society to prevent the radicalization of Muslims in Sri Lanka. Irresponsible forces in Sri Lanka and outside trying to seed hate and discontent in a country that enjoyed 12-years of peace.

It appears that Islamic extremists think that  muslim women must necessarily be kept under strict supervision of muslim men and they mistakenly believe that  this is the decree of Prophet Mohammed , which is not so. 

There are several women liberation movement all over the world in different countries but such movement are conspicuous by absence in Islamic countries.

Even in India, which is a secular democracy with all religions given equal importance and respect, muslim women largely still remain suppressed by muslim men. In the last few years , suppression of muslim women has become even more intense in India.  This is amply revealed by the fact that  many  muslim women do not dare to move out of their residence and visit public places without covering their face almost fully with eyes alone being exempted.  This is particularly so , in the case of women belonging to lower income group who are millions in number.

In Sri Lanka the verdict is still out. Racial tensions, foreign activism, and a defeated terror movement, the LTTE also kown as the Tamil Tigers seeking political concessions. The administration recently released prisoners after the UN applied pressure on the country.

The muslim women dare not speak about their problems due to lack of freedom, as they all the time live in fear. Even in the mosques, muslim women are treated differently.

In view of such control on muslim women, several muslim women do not get the opportunity to go for higher studies and take up jobs in many cases. Further, many muslim men marry several women ,which is the height of lack of civilization  and oppression of women.

Of course, some muslim women dare to defy the control of the men but they are few and far between.  There are some muslim men,  particularly educated ones, who treat the muslim women in a more civilised way and do not restrict their freedom. But ,even such muslim men ,with reformist ideas   rarely  protest against the treatment meted out to   large population of muslim  women, fearing Islamic extremists.

Progress of civilization and concept of human rights demand that muslim women should be empowered and   they should enjoy freedom in their thoughts and actions and get themselves liberated from the control of the Islamic extremists. This is not happening and this is very unfortunate.

These days, number of Islamic extremists   amongst men seem to be steadily increasing and they openly say that they have belief in violence and  are committed to the spread of Islamic religion by jihad.  In such circumstances, Islamic extremists have become a threat to world peace.

Large number of Islamic extremists have already entered several countries in Europe and in Asia particularly in India .  In such conditions, ethnic violence has become the order of the day in several European countries and in India and even in muslim countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Empowering of   muslim women   can happen only if the Islamic extremism can be effectively defeated.  In other words, the world should target empowering muslim women and such empowerment would mean that Islamic extremism would remain defeated. 

There is no doubt that support for the freedom of muslim women amongst the world community would give courage to muslim women to assert their rights and defy the Islamic extremism. Empowerment of muslim women adequately would be the sure sign that Islamic extremism remain weakened .

It is sad that the Human Rights Commission under the United Nations Organisation has not taken note of the suppression of muslim women  by Islamic extremists .

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