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FedEx Will Start Taking Pictures of Delivered Packages

FedEx will soon take pictures of packages delivered to your doorstep for items that do not require a signature.

In a press press release, FedEx’s chief customer officer Brie Carere stated that this service was frequently requested from e-commerce merchants and customers. Over the past years, package theft has increased, also known as “porch pirate,” costing businesses and consumers over $9 USD billion a year.

“Receiving visual confirmation that the package has arrived gives peace of mind to both merchants and consumers, and we are thrilled to give them that confidence,” said Carere.

Oftentimes, when a customer reports a package missing, there is confusion on who’s at fault. Introducing a proof of delivery will benefit all parties if a package gets ever lost. It comes in as a protection for FedEx and business owners when receiving reports of missing parcels. It can also help clear the customer’s mind of doubting whether or not the package was delivered in the first place. The company stated that the free service would be first available for “select users” before rolling out to the US and Canada during the holiday seasons, with FedEx Delivery Manager receiving the priority to try the service out.

Customers with an account can view the images through the FedEx Delivery Manager, those without can view them through FedEx’s tracking tool simply by entering the tracking number.

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Source : Hype Beast