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Defense Express expert Kirichevskiy said Ukrainian forces killed enough Russians near Bakhmut to try to return to Kyiv

The Ukrainian Defense Forces destroyed a sufficiently large group of Russians near Bakhmut, which would be enough for the enemy for a strategic offensive operation

Defense Express expert Ivan Kirichevsky said this on the air of Espreso.

“The worst simulation is that our troops will have to withdraw after some long time after some of the Russians have been disposed of. But the military-political leadership of Ukraine is not going to allow the Russians to advance beyond Bakhmut. There may be a medium-optimistic scenario that the Russians get stuck in street battles. We had time to turn Bakhmut into a fortress, which is almost or completely impassable for the invaders,” he said.

According to Kirichevsky, under this settlement, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a fairly large group of Russians, which would be enough for the enemy for a strategic offensive operation.

“50 thousand people were killed or wounded and up to 200 tanks. Roughly speaking, if these troops had not been destroyed, then the Russians could have used them for a second attack on Kiev. The success that is now being laid down for planning a counteroffensive may be unexpectedly large and faster than it seems now,” the expert emphasized.

He added that the departure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the Bakhmutka River was systematic.

“Sufficient organizational efforts were made so that, as long as there is an opportunity, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not retreat across the river. When it was no longer there, they retreated and created a kill zone where the enemy gets nuts from all types of weapons. To create inflated expectations that we stabilized the front for several months and the Russians will not get through there – let’s not rush. On the other hand, there is every reason to believe that the Russians are stuck there for a long time and will continue to grind them. What is happening now really affects the success of the future counter-offensive. There is a certain logic to the troops to be in a victorious mood before command “Forward”, it is worth preventing a difficult sensitive event. As long as there is an opportunity, Bakhmut will stay organized, “Kirichevsky summed up.

Source: espreso