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Bakhmut will be Ukraine’s second Debaltseve and Syrsky’s leader again

In Bakhmut, the same situation that was in Debaltseve in February 2015, when the Ukrainian troops were actually surrounded, could be repeated.

The commander of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Denis Yaroslavsky announced such a threat on the air of Espresso TV .

“Now in Bakhmut there are fights right on the streets. For each lane there are shooting battles. A particular danger is that the neck of the so-called operational boiler is no more than four kilometers. Without logistics, there is nothing – no rotation, no supply of ammunition. We understand that there may be a repetition of Debaltseve. The situation is the same when the routes are cut off and a purposeful exit of troops can endanger the entire column. Because of this neck, 4 km is very dangerous, ”

Yaroslavsky said.

The “Observer” telegram channel clarifies that a member of the 93rd brigade, nicknamed Your Friend Stus, wrote about the same on Twitter the day before :

“As soon as the Russians take the road to Khromovo, Bakhmut will gradually begin to turn from a fortress into a large mass grave. Then it will no longer make sense to remain silent about things that enrage for many months. Maybe someone will see evil in them, but I will already spit deeply. Patience is running out.”

EADaily recalls that near Debaltsov in 2015, Ukrainian troops were commanded by the Ukrainian commander Oleksandr Syrsky , who is now in charge of the defense of Bakhmut.

Source: eadaily