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Russia army invading Ukraine: drunks, looting, & killing civilians

Europe at War.

Kiev (9/3 – 50). Reports of atrocities among the civilian population in the Ukraine emerge in greater numbers. No longer does the Red Army enjoy the claim they are ‘liberators’ or denazify the Ukraine.

Reports of widespread looting, images of killed civilians and their kids are no provide illusions the Russian president Vladimir Putin and his cabinet are innocent victims. The once glorious Red Army is descending in a looters, and criminals killing civilians indiscriminately. The images are grotesque but war is a brutal, grotesque business. War is in Europe.

The four stages of Russian warfare: kill-loot-rape-blame the victim-repeat, seems gaining ground. Under the laws of warfare not only the perpeprators but also the officers in command will be held accountable in war crimes tribunal. Here is were Moscow fails to recognize the strategic blunders it is making.

Ramping hordes of red army soldiers raped their way through Eastern Europe throughout the second world war. Stories of mass rapes, premediated killings and looting are known in most househoulds in Eastern Europe. This is not Chechnia or Syria.

Happening on the footsteps of Europe it seems Russian army command is losing its grip on the army it commands. Logistical problems, ambushes, destructiong of supply convoys triggered the looting of shops with no supervision of is soldiers will only stiffen the resolve by the Ukrainian resistance.

Report continue to emerge stating Ukraine secruity forces are effecively attacking Russian invasion convoys shooting up tanks and fuel supplies. Reports of abandoned equipment, destroyed tanks are on display daily.

Besides ambushes, loss of tanks and other hardware reports of losses of experienced military officers are on the increase falling victims to snipers. With the Russian army now having a status of an invading and occupation army the leadership are legitimate targets for the Ukrainian defenders.

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