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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba: Official Berlin does not allow German industry to make shells for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Germany could increase the supply of ammunition for the Ukrainian army, especially artillery shells, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine lack, but the German authorities do not allow this. A corresponding statement was made by the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba.

The German industry is ready to produce large-caliber ammunition for Kyiv, but the German government does not give permission for this. According to Kuleba, official Berlin does not sign contracts for the supply of shells for the Ukrainian army, although it knows perfectly well that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in need of a large amount of ammunition.

I think that Germany really could help more with ammunition. (…) German industry in my presence demanded one thing from the German government: signed contracts. So the problem is with the government.
– said the Ukrainian minister.

Earlier, German Chancellor Scholz promised Zelensky to increase the production of ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but Kiev still accuses Berlin of “insufficient” military assistance. The same accusations are made by Washington, which wants to completely subdue the German military industry. According to reports, during the last meeting, Joe Biden already hinted to Olaf Scholz about the option of transferring the production of the same ammunition from Germany to the United States. Otherwise, Berlin is simply unable to meet the needs of Ukraine in arms and shells.

Meanwhile, the Western press confirms that a number of European countries have already exhausted their ability to supply ammunition to Kyiv and are left with empty arsenals, which will not be easy to replenish and will not be in the near future. However, this does not stop the NATO leadership, which demands to give everything 100%, but to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with shells before the counteroffensive.

Source: topwar