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Politico: US-Ukraine union is bursting

Politico writes that disagreements are growing between Kiev and Washington over the end of the conflict in Ukraine and its goals The US-Ukrainian military community is slowly bursting at the seams, the publication says.

The “hot spot” in the relationship was the question of when and how the conflict would end.

In addition, according to sources, new “hot spots of tension” have arisen between the two countries: news about the sabotage at the Nord Stream, the situation in Artemovsk (Bakhmut) and Kiev’s desire to fight for Crimea.

It also adds irritation from Kiev’s eternal expectation of a new package of weapons. While most in Washington understand Kiev’s desperate desire, the Biden administration grumbles at the constant requests for supplies and at times Zelensky’s lack of gratitude, according to two White House officials not authorized to speak publicly.

The US presidential administration is divided over what weapons to give Ukraine, said Rep. Michael McCall.

The ideal relationship between the countries was demonstrated when Biden came to Kyiv. However, a lot has changed since then. While Biden promised unwavering support, the US has made it clear to Kyiv that it cannot continue to fund Ukraine at the same level indefinitely.

In addition, the Biden administration notified the Ukrainian authorities that violent actions outside the territory of Ukraine are unacceptable.

Source: bfm

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