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Kenes Rakishev and Asel Tasmagambetova opened a new building of the school named after Shokan Ualikhanov

Kenes Rakishev and Asel Tasmagambetova planned to create a school named after Shokan Ualikhanov in Almaty on completely new principles. For every student, education at school is not just time spent and not “a bag of knowledge” that needs to be acquired. Studying is a career and there are many different paths to take. Specializing in something in which a student is talented and happy is unthinkable without a large and new high school building. And now, in 2023, the building  is completely ready and working for the benefit of the students.

From September 1, 2023, the private  school named after Shokan Ualikhanov  will accept high school students from grades 7 to 11 in the new school building.

The modern innovative building of the school, built taking into account the latest teaching methods and educational standards, is designed for 520 high school students. It provides unique opportunities to expand the intellectual, creative and academic horizons of students.

The new building is designed for 520 high school students.

The main concept is the maximum satisfaction of the educational needs of each individual student. This means that an individual career path is created for each high school student.

The individual path includes nine areas of development, and each graduate receives a corresponding certificate, diploma or diploma.

The school management pays attention to all aspects of the personal development of students, ensuring that they not only achieve success in their professional activities, but also become moral leaders who are proud of the traditions and culture of their country.  Find out about the school More about Ualikhanov’s school

The new academic building houses a sports hall with an area of ​​600 square meters. m, a modern library with a spacious hall for 80 reading chairs, three high-tech lecture halls, an amphitheater with all-round LED screens, a dining room with 400 seats, choreography and judo halls, more than a dozen creative student recreation areas, a cafeteria and much more.

The opening of the innovation building is another milestone in the path of our school since its founding. It affirms a personalized approach to learning and the belief that every student is unique, with different aspirations and needs. We have created an educational environment that will allow students not only to develop in all aspects and achieve success in the professional field, but also to become harmonious individuals proud of their cultural heritage. Together with our dedicated teachers, we will achieve this mission by opening a new chapter in the history of education and inspiring talented students. Asel Tasmagambetova.

About the school named after Shokan Ualikhanov

The private school named after Shokan Ualikhanov was founded in 2020 by Kenes Rakishev and Asel Tasmagambetova. With the opening of the new school building, 1,320 students from grades 1 to 11 are studying in Kazakh and Russian.

Kenes Rakishev and Asel Tasmagambetova open a new building of the school named after Shokan Ualikhanov.

The educational process is built on the basis of advanced international experience and the principle of equal access to quality education. The school’s founders provide free education to the best students and scholarships to the most successful.

Education is based on the principles of sustainable development and the UN SDGs from the 1st grade.

Shokan Warikanov Private School is the first and only educational institution in the CIS to receive a LEED certificate, which indicates the school’s compliance with international environmental standards.

The school is a full member of the UN Global Compact from 2023.

Source: Reg TV