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Taiwan president vows to improve defense at maritime drills

Taiwan staged anti-terrorism drills in Kaohsiung City on the south of the island. It comes amid rising military tension with China, which claims the self-governed island as its own.

President Tsai Ing-wen said she would step up Taiwan’s defense capabilities with new technologies.

During anti-terrorism drills in Kaohsiung City on Saturday, Tsai said her government would promote policies to safeguard maritime and border security.

“The safer Taiwan is, the safer the world is,” she said.

Tensions with China

The Kaohsiung drills saw members of the Taiwanese coast guard, military and police respond to a simulated hostage situation in an operation that involved helicopters, inflatable boats, and an action movie-style soundtrack played on loudspeakers.

Taiwan regularly holds military drills amid increasing military and political pressures from China, which views the self-ruled island as a breakaway province.

Beijing has vowed to control the island — by force, if necessary — and has ramped up warplane incursions into Taiwan’s air defense zone in recent months.

“Everyone who participated in today’s drill are our country’s front-line defenders. I want to emphasize again, we have to strengthen ourselves in order to ensure peace in the Taiwan Strait,” the Taiwanese president said in a short speech.

“The more we are united, the more secure we are; the more secure Taiwan is, the safer the world will be.”

Source: Deutsche Welle