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If China’s Massive Investment in Rempang Island Fails, Indonesia Will Experience Huge Losses

It is said that the agrarian conflict that occurred on Rempang Island will end with a happy ending.  This was conveyed by Public Policy Observer , Agus Pambagio when responding to the statement by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo regarding the polemic on Rempang Island .

The reason is, President Jokowi ordered all his staff to prioritize resolving the Rempang problem properly, including prioritizing the interests of the surrounding community. President Jokowi revealed this in a limited meeting with a number of his staff at the Merdeka Palace, Central Jakarta

Responding to the president’s attitude, Agus said that the Rempang problem could impact the investment climate in Indonesia. The reason, he said, is that Indonesia will experience quite large losses .

“Yes, the first is of course the loss, the loss from investment that is canceled if it doesn’t materialize, it depends on how big it is. The second loss, namely if it doesn’t materialize, means production planning and everything else is also lost, the opportunity cost is large,” said Agus when contacted.

Not only that, Agus said that what happened in Rempang could set a bad precedent for Indonesia in the eyes of foreign investors. “If the investment is cancelled, it could really set a bad precedent. That’s why when we offer and open an investment we have to be ready.

This includes studying anthropology, then identifying possible conflicts, apart from that we can also predict anticipation, so that later mitigation can also be measured so that the investment process can run smoothly and safely in Rempang,” he said. Agus also noticed that so far in every infrastructure development or investment program there is no anthropological study.

Because not all of us in the community have a letter called a certificate from the government’s Ministry of Agrarian Affairs,” he said. However, for Agus, uncovering all this was not an easy thing. Because there must be other parties behind the community who claim ownership of the land in Rempang.

“They definitely have strong people in politics, government and law enforcement officials. So yes, there will definitely be someone supporting them. Now it’s up to the president to do what they want, just call everyone to a limited cabinet meeting, then make a Presidential Decree,” said Agus

Source : TVone