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China Targets to Build an Innovation System for Humanoid Robots by 2025

China will try to develop an early innovation system for humanoid robots in 2025, amid the
country’s efforts to develop the industry of the future. That was conveyed in a guide issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

China will have a number of small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in the humanoid
robot market and possess cutting-edge technology, as well as two to three humanoid robot
enterprises with global influence by 2025, according to the guide.

In 2027, China will have a secure and reliable industrial system and supply chain, and related
products will be deeply integrated into the real economy, as stated in the guide.
In particular, China will work to consolidate the production of basic components and promote
software innovation in terms of product development, while creating a scenario for manufacturing
and other related sectors.

The development of humanoid robots, one of the industries of the future that has great potential,
combines various advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, high-end manufacturing,
and new materials.

China has certain foundations to develop the industry, but resources and efforts need to be brought
together to drive key technological innovation, the ministry said.

Source : Antara