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Yellen Hopes to Travel to China to ‘Reestablish Contact’

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she hopes to travel to China to reestablish contact with Beijing, acknowledging there were disagreements between the two countries, MSNBC on Wednesday (Jun 28) reported her saying during an interview.

There are heightened tensions and pessimism in the US-China relationship over national security issues, including Taiwan, Russia’s war in Ukraine, growing US export bans on advanced technologies and China’s state-led industrial policies.

“My hope in travelling to China is to reestablish contact. There are a new group of leaders, we need to get to know one another,” Yellen was quoted as saying by MSNBC.

“And we need to discuss our disagreements with one another so that we don’t have misunderstandings, don’t misunderstand one another’s intentions.”

The US is, and will, take actions to protect its national security interests even if it “imposes some economic costs on us”, she told MSNBC.

Yellen did not detail a specific timing for any visit to China.

She plans to be there in early July for the first high-level economic talks with her new Chinese counterpart, Bloomberg reported earlier this week. 

Source : CNA