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Ukraine uses suicide drones in Artemivsk

ARTEMOVSK, March 12 – RIA Novosti. Attack aircraft of the Wagner group showed RIA Novosti correspondents a downed FPV – an enemy drone that Ukrainian troops used to attack assault units.”The enemy often uses kamikaze drones in 

Artemovsk . Civilian FPV drones are equipped with improvised explosive devices and used as loitering ammunition,” said a fighter from the Wagner group. In a personal conversation, he noted that since armored vehicles are rarely used during the assault on Artemovsk, the Ukrainian security forces mainly hunt groups that are engaged in the evacuation of the wounded and the transport of provisions and ammunition to the forward positions.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, the cost of such a drone is about 35 thousand rubles. Such cheapness allows mass supply of weapons of this type to the front. He noted that every day more and more cases of the use of such drones are recorded.

FPV drones (short for First Person View) are distinguished by the fact that they are controlled using a video signal coming from the drone in real time. The pilot controlling such a drone sees the image received from the camera.

Source: ria