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Seven indicators indicate war. US flags abound. China’s move?

There is a saying that if a country has 7 signs at the same time, it indicates the outbreak of war, and the United States has already appeared more than one of these 7 signs, what should China do?

Under what circumstances might a superpower start a war? This question is of great practical significance today. After all, we are facing the United States, the world’s largest superpower, and there is no doubt about the status of the US military as the world’s number one. If some indicators can be used to judge the war that the United States may launch, this will help China take the lead in making the right response. And there is a saying that if seven signs appear at the same time, it means that the United States may launch a war. These seven signs are the outbreak of the financial crisis, the start of hoarding of strategic materials, frequent military exercises, the decoupling of relations between major powers, the deployment of national defense mobilization, mass evacuation of overseas Chinese, and the start of building momentum for military conflicts. If you look at the United States today, you can easily find that many of these phenomena have already appeared.

At present, the US government has not carried out national defense mobilization, and there is no sign of evacuating overseas Chinese from China, but the other five phenomena have more or less appeared. Intensive military exercises needless to say, while the US military continues to conduct military exercises, it is also calling for an increase in the reserve of weapons and ammunition, which has met the first two conditions. In recent years, the Biden administration has tried its best to promote the decoupling of China and the United States. Its purpose is not only to hit the Chinese economy, but also to enable the United States to better deal with the situation of wartime and complete disconnection of the Chinese economy. The U.S. government continues to release information about the conflict between China and the United States, especially a series of manipulations on the Taiwan issue, which also shows that they are creating momentum for the conflict with China. Coupled with the serious debt problem and economic recession faced by the US government, a financial crisis can be said to be imminent. From this point of view, among the seven signals that may mean war, five have already appeared in the United States, which has to arouse our high vigilance. So, in the face of a United States that has shown signs of being highly prepared for war, how should China respond?

First of all, strength is the foundation of all issues. China’s top priority is still to develop its own comprehensive national strength, and at the same time strengthen China’s military strength in a targeted manner. From the current stage, the main strategy of the Biden administration to contain China’s rise is still relying on the comprehensive national strength and technological advantages of the United States, trying to destroy China’s foreign trade, promote economic decoupling with China, and contain China’s technology. prevent China’s economic development. Only if these tricks fail to achieve their goals, the United States will further seek to use military means to strike China. But as long as China’s comprehensive national strength develops well enough and its military strength grows fast enough, so that American decision makers feel that they cannot win the confrontation with China, then they will be more careful before launching military provocations against China. cautious. In a word, war can be stopped only if it can fight, and the U.S. military will not seek to challenge an opponent it cannot defeat. Therefore, at this stage, developing economic strength and developing military strength have become China’s two most important goals.

Second, China must not only develop sufficient hard power to deal with possible wars launched by the United States, but also must not abandon cooperation and communication. In the past few years, the economies of China and the United States have been deeply integrated, and China and the United States are each other’s largest trading partners. As China has repeatedly emphasized, peace will benefit both China and the United States, and confrontation will hurt both. China cannot give up its efforts to send this signal to the United States. By continuing to send signals of peaceful development to the United States, we can leave a way for the United States to solve the problem peacefully and tell Washington that there is no need to fight to the death. And by maintaining economic cooperation with the United States, and even further strengthening the economic ties between the two countries, China can make the United States feel the consequences of falling out with China, thereby gaining more cooperation and support from the United States and increasing the number of countries initiated by the US government. resistance to military provocations against China.

In short, the “carrot and stick” policy may be the best option for China to treat the United States in the future. It is absolutely inadvisable to blindly make concessions to the United States, which will cause the United States to make progress. However, if we just take a tough line, actively cut off the economic cooperation between China and the United States, and engage in a high-intensity arms race with the United States, it will only make the already tense relationship between the two countries worse, and provide anti-China forces in the United States. Reason for war. Therefore, China should not only let the United States know that China is invincible, and warn them that war against China will have disastrous consequences, but also show goodwill to the United States, telling them that China should be the United States’ biggest partner, not a desperate opponent , There is no need for China and the United States to fight to the death.

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