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China Deliberately Engineered Coronavirus As “Bioweapon”: Wuhan Researcher

A researcher in Wuhan has claimed that China deliberately engineered coronavirus as a “bioweapon”. The explosive claim was made by Chao Shan in an exclusive interview with Jennifer Zeng, a member of the International Press Association, who provides first-hand information and unique insights about China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Mr Chao said he and his colleagues were tasked with identifying the most effective strain for spreading among various species, including humans. The full interview has been posted by Ms Jennifer on her blog.

She has also posted a video on her Twitter handle where the human rights activist describes what Mr Chao, a researcher at Wuhan Institute of Virology, told her.

Ms Jennifer’s blog mentions that the interview was conducted in September 2021. She said that Ms Chao was given four strains of coronavirus by his superior in Nanjing City in 2019 to test which one of them was the most virulent and transmissible.

Mr Chao tested the virus on human ACE2 receptor, bats and monkeys.

Mr Chao also called the coronavirus a “bioweapon”.

He also mentioned in the 26-minute interview that several of his colleagues went missing during the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan. Later, one of them revealed that they were sent to hotels where athletes from various countries were staying to “check the health or hygiene conditions”. Since checking hygiene doesn’t require virologists, Chao Shan suspected that they were sent there to spread the virus.

However, commenting on Mr Chao’s claims, Ms Jennifer said that it is just a small piece of the entire puzzle.

Source : NDTV