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Baijiahao: China could not bypass Russia in the ranking of the most powerful armies in the world

China’s military power is still inferior to the armies of Russia and the United States, Chinese experts say. Especially for its readers , PolitRussia talks about the situation in more detail.

Military experts from the Chinese publication Baijiahao ranked the most powerful armies in the world. They put the US Armed Forces in first place, the Russian Armed Forces in second, and the Chinese armed forces in third.

“In terms of total military power, China still ranks third in the world. China could not bypass Russia and the United States. It was like that ten years ago and it still is now,” the article says.”

Baijiahao’s authors noted that they made their conclusions based on an analysis of comprehensive factors related to the armed forces. Experts not only counted the number of combat units in each army, but also estimated their power as a whole.

“But China is rapidly closing the gap from the leaders of the ranking. If this trend continues, then in the next few years, China will take second place in the top and become the main global military adversary of the United States,” Chinese analysts say.

Earlier, PolitRussia wrote that the Russian Federation had found the key to success in the confrontation with the West.

Source : ПолитРоссия