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China Urges Myanmar to Cooperate in Maintaining Border Stability

Myanmar must cooperate with China in ensuring stability on the China-Myanmar border, a Chinese
government official said on Monday. This request was made after fighting between junta troops and rebels in Myanmar which affectedChinese territory.

Last week, the Myanmar junta said it was trying to restore order near the border after an alliance of
ethnic minority forces fighting for their right to self-determination launched a series of coordinated
attacks on junta army positions.

“Myanmar is requested to cooperate with China in maintaining stability along the China-Myanmar
border, earnestly guarantee the safety of lives and property of Chinese border residents at the
border, and take effective measures to strengthen the security of Chinese personnel,” said the
Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Nong Rong.

A Myanmar military spokesman could not be reached for comment on this matter.
The Asia Times news page reported that a Chinese citizen was killed and several others were
injured last Saturday when bullets fired by Myanmar troops crossed into Chinese territory.
Nong, who recently visited Myanmar on November 3-5, stated that China hopes Myanmar can
restore stability.

Nong also supports all parties to properly overcome differences so as to achieve reconciliation
through dialogue as soon as possible. Thailand is trying to repatriate 162 of its citizens trapped by
fighting in Myanmar. Myanmar has been mired in chaos since the February 2021 coup that overthrew the democratically
elected government led by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Pro-democracy rebel groups in several regions work together with various ethnic minority guerrillas
who have for decades fought for greater autonomy by fighting the junta. Although Western countries have criticized the Myanmar military and imposed sanctions on them, China, along with Russia, supports the Myanmar junta.

China supports Myanmar to find its own way and urges the international community to respect
Myanmar’s sovereignty. Last week China’s foreign ministry said it was closely monitoring the
conflict in Myanmar.

“We urge all parties to immediately stop fighting, resolve differences peacefully through dialogue
and consultation, and avoid escalation (of the conflict),” spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular
press conference.

Source : Antara