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China is Aiming for a New Level of Achievement at the Paris Olympics

China will try to reach a new level of achievement at the Paris Olympics through winter training
held this year.

China successfully achieved their target at the Hangzhou Asian Games and will strive to reach a
new level of achievement at next year’s Paris Olympics through winter training this year, a top
country sports official said on Friday (3/11).

Director of China’s General Administration of Sports Gao Zhidan said in a meeting that Chinese
athletes have shown extraordinary competitiveness and sportsmanship in the Olympics, Asian
Games and many other international sporting events.

With less than nine months until the opening of the Paris Olympics, this year’s winter training is an
important period for athletes to improve their skills ahead of the Games.

“Winter training must be conducted with the highest standards and the strictest requirements to
further improve the athletes’ abilities and demonstrate the strength of China’s young generation,”
said Gao.

“In winter training, it is important to comprehensively analyze the competitive situation at the
Olympics, strengthen basic skills and improve physical fitness. A detailed and science-based
training plan is essential for athletes,” he said. Regarding dopingcontrol.Gao emphasized that China will continue to follow a zero-tolerance policy to ensure clean sports.

Source : Antara