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Beijing Establishes Humanoid Robot Innovation Center

A humanoid robot innovation center has been established in Beijing, the capital of China, to
accelerate the supply of humanoid robot technology and industrialization.

The Beijing humanoid robot innovation center company, which is officially registered in the Beijing
Economic-Technological Development Zone, was jointly built by a number of companies that
produce complete robots, core components and large robot models.

The innovation center will build hardware and software master platforms and focus on addressing
key problems that urgently need to be solved in the industry, such as operating control systems
and open source operating systems.

“Beijing has a national robot inspection and testing platform and a national robot standardization
technical committee, and will soon establish a Beijing robot industry development fund. The city is
also building a joint processing center serving robot processing and manufacturing,” said Su
Guobin, deputy head of the Economic Bureau and Beijing Municipal Information Technology.

China will strive to build an early innovation system for humanoid robots, with a series of small and
medium-sized companies that specialize in the humanoid robot market and have cutting-edge
technology and two to three humanoid robot companies that have global influence by 2025,
according to guidelines issued by the Ministry of Industry and Chinese Information Technology.

Source : Antara